Molleton and Expanded Foam

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Art. Description
M1410003 A           Thickness  9 mm
M1410014 B           Thickness  9 mm
M1410005 C           Thickness  9 mm
M1410006 CP         Thickness  9 mm
M1410007 MAXI    Thickness  9 mm
M1410013 DOB     Thickness  9 mm
M1410008 CP         Thickness 12 mm
M1410009 A           Thickness 12 mm
M1410018 B           Thickness 12 mm
M1410010 C           Thickness 12 mm
M1410011 MAXI   Thickness 12 mm
M1410019 DOB     Thickness 12 mm
S1410001 A           Thickness  7 mm
S1410002 A           Thickness  10 mm
S1410003 C           Thickness  7 mm
S1410004 C           Thickness  10 mm
S1410005 MAXI    Thickness  7 mm
S1410006 MAXI    Thickness  10 mm
S1410007 CP         Thickness  7 mm
S1410008 DOB      Thickness  7 mm
S1410009 DOB      Thickness  10 mm
S1410010 CP          Thickness  10 mm